The new year brings a new focus. It just does.  Its like you get to start all over again without explanation.  So with that comes the age old question of where do I see my business going? What do I shoot more of? Less of?  What do I see myself doing the most going forward?  All these questions come into play and Ive thought over and over ....and over.....

Its like you spend so much energy raising your kids... and then boom.. you need to get back out there and fully do what you did and do it better or diversify yourself. Ive been at this for so long it seems (since '98)... so some days I'm like " I want to shoot more weddings?" "Do I want to shoot more events?"....  So with a lot of thought... without further notice I'd like to say "yes I want to shoot more weddings this year and all of the above really."  I love what I do and I love meeting people and seeing my dedicated clients again and again... so I for sure want to continue photographing whats in my portfolio. My mind is really going more towards design and my ability to create. I love creating LOGOS, designing WEBSITES... and of course supplying great photographing for these entities.  

So! I will be taking on new "projects" what I like to call it. These projects could be logo design for a new or existing business looking to rebrand. This could also be website design and I am exclusively best working with "squarespace" platforms.  I also of course LOVE supplying photography for websites so I feel like I can be your "one stop shop" for making a face for your business. 

Ask for your quote today. Hit me up for a coffee and Id love to chat about your next project.

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