Interior Goodness

People often ask me what my favourite thing to shoot is... and honestly some days I LOVE shooting interiors. Especially for a professional amazing home builder such as Decora Homes. They truly give me the most amazing spaces to shoot. One in particular was located in the wonderful Rosewood neighbourhood of Saskatoon. Clean lines and open spaces are a photographers dream when it comes to shooting interiors. I like to shoot things wide with also focusing on those little details that can be missed.

Inquire today if you are selling your home and wish to have it photographed tastefully and most important... professionally. 

Life is Good

Life is good.

Aside from the usual temper tantrums from my 21 month old toddler... every day is generally awesome, hard, easy, breezy, tiresome and happy. My newest baby Sam is an absolute joy of a soul to have around and has made it very easy to work again... and work has been steady and manageable with 2 kids!

A recent client of mine got in touch with me saying how they hadn't had family photos in awhile... (yes its the aged old saying in many houses!) I was so happy to see them again and see how their little missy had grown. 


Grad Season

Honestly it feels like I graduated like yesterday. .... yet really it was in 1998 I finished high school and entered the real world. I look back and my mind is much like it is now... I still dream. I still think about the future and I still love photography. (Thank goodness right)

Grad season was in full bloom this year and it was an honour meeting and photographing so many bright and futuristic teens. I must say the dresses this year were ON POINT. :-)