2 Years Young

Im always blessed to meet the people I do... especially when they have supported me for so many years. I do feel truly lucky to have clients that keep coming back and value my craft. 

Take for example this little dude. His parents have stuck with me for many years! I was happy to see them once again in the studio for a 2 year session. The studio is always my comfy zone for photos.... and I truly love the space when its not only cold outside, but I love the light that it brings.

Life is Good

Life is good.

Aside from the usual temper tantrums from my 21 month old toddler... every day is generally awesome, hard, easy, breezy, tiresome and happy. My newest baby Sam is an absolute joy of a soul to have around and has made it very easy to work again... and work has been steady and manageable with 2 kids!

A recent client of mine got in touch with me saying how they hadn't had family photos in awhile... (yes its the aged old saying in many houses!) I was so happy to see them again and see how their little missy had grown.