A few things about Lisa.

She’s been taking images for over 20 years.

She loves coffee.

She is a daydreamer.

She is a wife to a farmer & raises four kids.

She sometimes wants to have her own reality TV show.

She loves to cook.

She wants to sleep in.

She always welcomes help and is never afraid to ask for it.

She loves to garden and grow plants.

She loves driving a jeep but doesn’t off-road.

She can never find any matching socks.

She procrastinates.

She loves organization.

She is living day by day in this world we call life.

AND… She would love to take your photo.

Lisa Landrie Photography, Saskatoon Photographer
Saskatoon Photographer, Lisa Landrie Photography

She can be reached via phone/text at 306-717-0399 or pop her a lovely message by hitting that contact button.

Saskatoon Photographer, Lisa Landrie Photography