I began taking pictures in the 90's….

…like when you actually went out and bought film at the grocery store. I may have aged myself in saying that…but seriously I was enthralled with my dad's old Canon camera as a teenager. He taught me a few basics and I just rolled with it. I made mistakes... but I saw how every single thing in my path looked cool in a picture. This one time I even hauled a chair across the prairies and shot 36 exposures of it. All in all… I was hooked on taking pictures of nouns.

I bought my first like rrrreal professional camera at the age of 18 simply because I liked the way it sounded when you took the picture. It clicked soooouper loud and it made a statement. Can you imagine though?... I saved $5000 of my babysitting money for a Hasselblad medium format camera and I didn't even know how to load the film. I shot a wedding right after I got that camera. The phrase "winging it" came into play that day I tell ya.

Eventually I learned how to load that Hasselblad camera blindfolded.


When the digital age struck, it was like starting all over again. I was like a fish reborn as a spider learning to spin her web.  But I built myself back up and it was so fun in the process.  I love the way technology has evolved and it honestly helped me become a better photographer. Although I'll be the first to say Im glad I learned photography the hard way. 

My life is always moving forward. I'm a mother of four kids and the wife to a super cool cattle farmer. I never thought I would end up marrying a farmer. Never say never. One day we will move out to the farm…but for now the city of Saskatoon is my home. (and I love it)

Other things I love???  Truly a good cup of coffee, gardening, making pizza every friday night (seriously no joke)... and I absolutely adore lazy Sundays at home.  

My life is never dull whatsoever and the physicality of taking photos gives me so much pleasure... its almost weird. ;-) 

 I can't wait to meet you. 


I can be reached on the run or at the studio (306) 717-0399 

All inquires please email landrielisa@gmail.com